Saturday, January 3, 2009

Wintertime Centerpiece

At my husband's work, they like to have a centerpiece on the breakroom table. Since he is the new store manager, I am very happy that the responsibility fell on me. After gives me a crafty reason to go get supplies and have a little fun each season! So, in preparation for the holiday party tomorrow night and for the long, cold Iowa winter ahead of us, I made this cute little centerpiece full of winter delight!

First, I started with the supplies: Pine garland (9ft. on clearance at Target), a winterey basket, some cinnamon scented pine cones, some crystal glitter, and that old trustworth Elmer's Glue.

OK. I took the garland and arranged it in the basket like I wanted it, and then trimmed off the rest. I probably used about 4 feet, which amazes me since the basket seemed really small! After I got all the branches looking the way I though was most natural looking, I grabbed an old paintbrush and the glue. I couldn't get a very good picture of it, but I just "painted" the tips of the branches, one at a time, with the glue. After each branch, I sprinkled some crystal glitter on it (I'm sure there is a bunch in the bottom of the basket, but that's ok!). I repeated with all the branches and let it dry.

While it dried, I worked on the pine cones. I watered down the glue a little in a foil lined pie pan, then did one of two methods to "glue up" the pine cones. Remember when you were little and made ornaments out of pine cones by rolling them in glue and then in glitter. I did that, as well as painting the glue on the smaller ones. Then I covered evenly with glitter and let them dry.

So, here is the final centerpiece. A snow covered wintery wonderland!!!
Thanks for looking! (It's much sparklier in person...I couldn't quite capture it on camera!)


Susan said...

How very nice that you were able to take some basic supplies and add your own touch to them.

Anne said...

Hi, Amanda! What a cute idea! Wishing you and yours a happy and prosperous New Year! :-)