Thursday, October 2, 2008


A few days ago I entered my first scrapbook related contest on Hero Arts, and the challenge was to create a holiday gift with at least one Hero Arts stamp. I didn't win one of the prizes, but I won on the Honorable Mentions!!!! Yay! (Although I still wished I would have won, but it got me to challenge myself!) So, if you want to see, it is the second honorable'll see my name (aheuring) on it. Here is the link!!!! (And Mom, if you go there, make sure Hannah isn't in the room!)

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Tami H said...

Hi Amanda! Tami from Hero Arts here. Congratulations on your HM -- your stationery set is wonderful! We have some prize goodies to send you but need your mailing address and haven't had luck contacting you thus far. Could you please email me at the address in our blog sidebar? Thanks so much!