Thursday, June 18, 2009

This baby is eating my brain cells...

I made father's day cards and a birthday card yesterday, and I was so excited to take pictures of them! Finally I had a few day's worth of posts for my blog! And then today I deleted them off the memory card so my hubby wouldn't see his father's day card before Father's Day.

And then just now I came on here to post one of the cards and as I opened up blogspot, I had fuzzy memories of not putting the pictures on my computer. Oh! They call this "pregnant brain" or "placenta brain." I just say the baby is eating my brain sounds disturbing, but I swear I am losing brain cells by the second! LOL!

So, now I need to wait until the receivers of their cards open them...and then snap a quick pic of the inside! The plus is that all but one of the cards will be opened while I am there! Whew!

Stay tuned...I promise to have those cards up soon!

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Anne said...

Hi, Amanda! I have done that before ... and I have no babies to blame it on! I have deleted pics a number of times before I uploaded them to my computer. It is always such a "Doh!" moment with a V8 slap on the forehead! :-)